Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The top 10 most popular purchases through mobile

"Jumptap’s study looked at the most popular mobile purchases. Here's the top 10:
1. Event tickets; daily deals: 38 percent of mobile device owners have made these purchases (tie)
3. Apparel or accessories: 36 percent
4. Travel; physical copies of books, video games or movies: 33 percent (tie)
6. Consumer electronics (TVs, etc., but excluding mobile phones): 32 percent
7. Flowers and gifts; toys: 30 percent (tie)
9. General services (photo printing, shipping services, etc.): 26 percent
10. Consumer packaged goods; sports and fitness: 25 percent (tie)"
Source:  Research from Jumptap and comScore, reported by AdWeek, 10th November 2011
Note - no country is stated, but I'm assuming that it's the US

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