Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The three new-for-fall US TV shows with the highest number of GetGlue checkins got recommissioned

"Good news for three out of three of the new-this-fall shows that did make our cut: Fox's "New Girl" and FX's "American Horror Story" have been officially renewed by their networks, and "Once Upon a Time" has gotten a renewal of sorts too -- a full-season order from ABC that bodes well for a full second season. As I've noted before, social-TV popularity and Nielsen ratings are likely to never have an exactly linear correlation, but it's becoming more and more obvious that the shows social-media users are most passionate about have pretty good odds of not only surviving but becoming part of the pop-cultural conversation."
Source:  Analysis of GetGlue checkins in AdAge, 15th November 2011
Note - as it says, there's no direct linear relationship between checkins (or buzz) & viewing, but the shows that people make an effort to check in for are likely to be the ones that people enjoy most or feel most passionate about.  

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