Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Call of Duty gamer plays for an average of 170 hours per year

"Even before the launch of Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty community is already one of the strongest there is. More than 30 million people have played online this year and 20 million players play each month. On average, the Call of Duty player plays 170 hours of the game per year. That’s as much time spent as watching the full series of the Sopranos and Lost, combined."
Source:  Data from Activision Blizzard, reported by VentureBeat, 8th November 2011


Will said...

Is this statistic drawn from the global ownership of the game? If so, does it only account for registered (PC, 360, PS3) online gameplay?

Will said...

Presuming the sample follows a standard curve, couldn't that mean that several million gamers spend significantly more than 170 hours per year in-game?

Dan said...

Hi Will,
As far as I know the data was from a press release to stoke up excitement for the new COD game, so the figures are official and from Activision. However it's likely to give the best possible picture for the company, so I expect it counts for all online gameplay.
I agree re the time spent. There are likely to people people who spend significantly longer than 170 hours playing, balancing the people who spend less than 10 minutes.