Sunday, 18 September 2011

There are nearly 250,000 NFC-enabled tills in the US

"Google has linked up with Citigroup bank, MasterCard, the mobile carrier Sprint, till maker First Data, and 15 retailers from pharmacies to McDonald's and Macy's department stores. By the end of this year Bedier says many of the largest retailers will be on board, each with thousands of terminals installed, all equipped with so-called near field communications touch pads, which create a wireless connection between two devices close to each other.
The US already has 230,000 readers at tills, and there will be tens of thousands more by Christmas. "We are excited about the amount of usage compared to our original expectations," says Bedier. The triallists use their mobile wallets daily or weekly, for smaller purchases: fast food, prescription drugs, clothes, cosmetics and small small electronic goods."

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