Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tablet sales rose 80% Y-o-Y in Q2 2011

"The number of mobile broadband-enabled tablets (e.g., Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, etc.) sold in the second quarter versus the first quarter jumped 80%, with 14 million tablets sold worldwide in 2Q11
A total of US$31.4 billion was spent on smartphones in 2Q11, down 1.4% from the previous quarter despite unit shipments being up about 2%, indicating unit-price erosion impeded revenue growth
Infonetics expects global smartphone revenue to grow 31% in 2011 over 2010, to $117 billion
Apple's stronger volumes and higher ARPU helped increase its global smartphone revenue share every quarter thus far in 2011, now at 36% of the smartphone market in 2Q11
HTC and Samsung leapfrogged into 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, in the global smartphone market in 2Q11, ahead of RIM and Nokia"
Source:  Estimates from Infonetics Research, reported in a press release, 19th September 2011

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