Wednesday, 7 September 2011

68% of companies monitor employee internet activity

"Clearswift, the software security company, today unveiled the latest edition of its annual research report, WorkLifeWeb 2011, outlining global attitudes towards social media and personal technology in today’s workplace. This year’s research has highlighted a new phase in the social media journey as businesses across the globe clamp down following recent high profile data breaches: 68% of companies now monitor employee internet activity and 56% block access to some sites.
An overwhelming sense of caution is emanating from businesses when it comes to social media. In Clearswift’s 2010 study just 9% of companies globally engaged in blocking employee access to social media sites, yet in the latest research this figure has risen to 19%. Blocking is most evident in Germany (23%) and Australia (21%). The only exception is the United States, with 30% of companies actively encouraging their employees to use social media tools.
In addition, 87% of companies in the survey are so concerned about security and data loss that it’s preventing technology adoption; this fear is most evident in Japan (92%). However, managers still see social media as being critical to future success, particularly in relation to communication, with 54% citing web collaboration as a pivotal tool, and one in four companies planning to invest more in social media this year than last. The push for investment is strongest in the United States, where 44% expect to invest, and the UK, where 31% expect to do so. It is weakest in Germany (18%) and Japan (13%)."
Source:  Data from Clearswift, reported in a press release, 6th September 2011

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