Wednesday, 14 September 2011

1m Angry Birds toys and 1m Angry Birds T-shirts are sold each month

"The Angry Birds brand isn’t all about the software, though, by any means. In a Fireside Chat with MG this morning, Rovio’s North American General Manager Andrew Stalbow revealed a few key details surrounding the sales of their real world goods.
Back in December of 2010, Rovio launched a series of Angry Birds plush toys. By March of this year, they had sold just over 2 million of ‘em. Today, they’re selling another million each and every month.
The same goes for their line of T-shirts: every month, they’re selling another million.
This is absolutely huge for them, and should serve as an important stat for app developers to keep in mind moving forward. Rovio is one of the few companies that has found success on iOS then managed to evolve their intellectual property into a proper full-blown license."

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Anonymous said...

I have got a T-shirt, 5 small plush toys and one big one. It doesn't surprise me to read this at all.

Xavier Izaguirre