Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Spotify has 46% reach among Swedes under 35; radio has just 38% reach

"More than one in five Swedes listens to the much-hyped Swedish-Anglo music streaming service Spotify, according to a new report. Among younger listeners, that more than doubles to almost one in two.
The survey, carried out by TNS Sifo and based on interviews with 1,400 Swedes, found that Spotify has a 22% reach among the Swedish population. In comparison, accumulated radio listening, including public and commercial radio, has a 72% reach, while commercial web-radio broadcasts only reaches three out of 50 people.
However, among Swedes under 35, Spotify has a staggering 46% reach, comfortably above the 38% reach of all commercial radio put together. These figures are likely to trouble the large commercial radio providers, like Sweden’s listed media group MTG."
Source:  Data from TNS Sifo, reported by the Wall Street Journal, 16th May 2011

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