Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Data on people who rely on mobile devices for work

"Social boundaries are being redrawn and polite society is changing yet again. This quarter’s Mobile Workforce Report reveals where the lines are being drawn between life and work – separating personal from business time.
Highlights of this quarter’s study include:
41 percent of mobile workers have a tablet and an additional 34 percent of mobile workers intend to purchase a tablet in the next six months.
87 percent of mobile workers that own tablets use their tablets for at least some work. Among tablet owners, 27 percent have a tablet provided by their workplace and 73 percent have a personally owned tablet.
The average mobile worker works 240 hours a year longer than the workforce in general.
On the road, 68 percent of mobile workers will pay for a faster connection at a hotel even when a free network is also available.
43 percent of mobile workers store their smartphone within arm’s reach when they sleep at night. Those that do this are 60 percent more likely than average to wake during the night to check their smartphone.
Those living in Asia Pacific are the least rested with 55 percent of mobile workers waking at least occasionally to check their smartphone or tablet, and 19 percent wake every night. Europeans are the most rested with only 27 percent waking at least occasionally, and 4 percent waking every night.
29 percent of mobile workers find that their mobile technology usage causes friction in their personal relationships, specifically with their significant other or spouse.
When mobile workers wake up in the morning, 35 percent check email before anything else, including getting dressed or eating breakfast."
Note on methodology & definitions:
"This quarter’s iPass Mobile Workforce Report is based on information from more than 3,700 responses to an iPass survey of mobile enterprise employees at over 1,100 enterprises worldwide. The survey was conducted between April 1 and April 15, 2011, and represented employees across multiple age groups and geographies. The survey respondents were asked about their mobile productivity, work habits, and related experiences.
iPass Mobile Employee Definition: Any worker using any mobile device (including laptop, netbook, smartphone, cellphone, or tablet) who accesses networks (other than the corporate LAN or WLAN) for work purposes."

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