Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Royal Wedding broke online streaming records

"Livestream, the digital company which broadcast the wedding live online, said that its audience topped 300,000 concurrent viewers, the largest audience ever for a live streamed event.
Major web hosting company Akamai, said that the event broke broader live streaming records as well. A representative for the company explained that “concurrent live streams of royal wedding on Akamai surpassed the 1.6 million peak set by World Cup in June of 2010.”
The royal wedding also dominated social media sites, with dozens of mentions every second on Twitter and Facebook.
The royal wedding was mentioned around 67 times a second on Twitter as viewers took to the social network to publish their thoughts on the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
On Facebook the wedding dominated status updates, with around 74 mentions every second.
The trending topics on both sites were dominated by the wedding.
More than a million people posted status updates about the wedding on Facebook, with a particular surge in activity when David Beckham arrived. Almost two million Americans were also discussing the wedding.
"These numbers show the sheer scale of the public's response to the royal wedding," said Joanna Shields, Facebook's vice president for Europe. "Millions are using Facebook to share what they think about every last detail of the ceremony.""

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