Friday, 6 May 2011

Over a million people in the UK used Facebook statuses to discuss the Royal Wedding on the day of the wedding

"Over a million people in the UK used Facebook statuses to discuss the Royal Wedding in the past 24 hours.
During this morning alone some 684,399 status updates referencing the wedding were posted in just 4 hours in the UK – equating to an average of 47 mentions every second.
Many people in the UK were so excited they couldn’t sleep, with just under 500 people updating about the pending nuptials per hour ahead of 8am
Much has been said about the US obsession with today’s wedding – and this was reflected in our numbers – with greater numbers of American Facebook users posting updates than those from the UK – 1.953 million to the UK’s 1.004 million.
So who were people talking about?
David Beckham’s arrival led to a surge in discussion – with 9,000 mentions of his name in just 20 minutes!
Just under double the number of people were talking about David Beckham than Victoria Beckham
The Queen and Prince Philip didn’t even feature in the top list of discussed people – and Prince Andrew was nowhere to be seen.
Instead, we saw Harry’s position at number three and fledgling Royal celebrity Pippa Middleton at number 8
Kate’s rebrand into ‘Princess Catherine’ has begun in earnest, with nearly 2,000 people mentioning her new name for the first time after the ceremony
Prince Beatrice’s hat became the subject of a Facebook fan page – ‘Princess Beatrice’s Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat’ (4000 fans)
US versus UK
Despite not featuring in the top ten list in the UK, in the US the Queen was the 14th most discussed topic – with a position in the list similar to that of Victoria Beckham in the UK.
Here’s the list for the UK:
1 - Kate Middleton - 131,385 mentions
2 - Prince William - 104,747 mentions
3 - Prince Harry - 64,107 mentions
4 - David Beckham - 22,421 mentions
5 - Victoria Beckham - 12,346 mentions
6 - Elton John - 12,283 mentions
7 - Princess Diana - 11,103 mentions
8 - Pippa Middleton - 8,619 mentions
9 - Prince Charles - 6,791 mentions
10 - Princess Beatrice - 4,439 mentions
11 - Princess Catherine - 1,928 mentions
12 - Princess Eugenie - 1,385 mentions
13 - Guy Ritchie - 290 mentions"
Source:  'Note' (Blog post) by Facebook on 29th April 2011
Note - this continues at length - Facebook have done a really good job with blowing their own trumpet here!

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