Monday, 18 May 2015

There are 14,000 Uber drivers in London

"[Boris] Johnson’s move follows a sharp rise in the number of minicabs looking for customers in the capital: numbers have increased by nearly a fifth in the past year to more than 78,000.
The rise has heaped pressure on Transport for London — which is currently undertaking a review of the London taxi market — to take action.
London’s long-established black cab drivers have complained that a lack of regulation was skewing the market in Uber’s favour.
Alarmed at Uber’s burgeoning popularity, black cab drivers have tried to stall Uber’s ascent with a legal challenge. The London Taxi Drivers Association took Uber to court alleging that the use of a smartphone to log journeys flouted regulations.
Uber said it now has about 14,000 drivers in London, making it the largest provider of private hire services in the city."

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