Thursday 1 May 2014

The average smartphone user unlocks their device 110 times per day

"How many times do you check your phone? Twice a day? Once every hour? More often? According to figures collected by a screen lock app, the average user actually checks their phone around 110 times day.
During peak times this equates to once every six or seven seconds, with some users unlocking their devices up to 900 times over the course of a day, which in reality is around 18 hours.
The information was collected by Android app Locket, which monitored how many times its 150,000 users checked their phone over in a day.
The New York-based app pays users in return for showing adverts on their lockscreens. 
According to the data, an average user checks their device - which means they activate the screen by pressing the home or power button or they unlock the device - 110 times per day.
In one particular case, a Locket user locked and unlocked their phone up to 900 times.
During peak hours, when users are most active, between 5pm and 8pm, over 75 per cent of people unlock their phones and actively use them."

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Unknown said...

110 times a day!! it means we are spending 50 minutes of the time to unlock the phone itself. I think by the invasion of Digital ad Agenciesin the scenario of Digi_ War, usage of smartphones has become highly inevitable