Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Samsung shipped more than 10m Galaxy S5s in the first 25 days

"The Samsung Galaxy S5 has entered the market on a strong point as reports out of Korea indicate the smartphone has shipped more than 10 million units in 25 days.
At this point, the Galaxy S5 can be considered Samsung’s bestselling smartphone to date, beating out its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S4, which shipped 10 million units in 27 days. Notably, these figures are not indicative of how many consumers have purchased the Galaxy S5 but rather how many handsets have been shipped to for sale. However, it can be deduced that the amount of Galaxy S5 units that have shipped is correlated with demand for the device.
According to reports in early April, the Samsung Galaxy S5 sold better on its launch day than the Galaxy S4 at several retailers. Samsung Experience stores in the U.K. saw long lines of customers anxious to get their hands on the 2014 flagship. In Paris, the Samsung Experience store sold its entire 800-unit inventory. Additionally, some mobile networks in South Korea released the Galaxy S5 prior to the April 11 global launch date, and reported impressive sales. According to Yonhap News, carrier SK Telecom garnered average daily sales of 7,000 units in its first week of selling the Galaxy S5, which it made available to customers on March 27."
Note - 'Shipping' is not the same as 'selling', but it's a good indication of popularity

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