Monday, 12 May 2014

Subscriptions make up more than 50% of the FT's revenues

"Publishers today are subject to that most timeworn of business imperatives: Grow as large an audience as possible, then sell that scaled audience to the advertisers who want to reach it. It’s a business model that has stubbornly persisted into the digital age, despite the reality that display advertising has become an increasingly unprofitable business for publishers online.
The Financial Times is going in a different direction. Rather than chasing scale and advertising, The Financial Times has built its digital business around an audience-driven subscription model. The result: Its 665,000 subscribers, two-thirds of whom are digital, generate more than half of its overall revenue. More than 35 percent of its overall revenue comes from digital subscriptions and advertising, a number The Financial Times expects to see hit 50 percent in the medium term. Oh, and it’s profitable, too."

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