Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mobile accounts for 20% of eCommerce transactions

"Global provider of international and omni-channel payment solutions Ayden recently announced the results of its third Ayden Mobile Payments Index, which covered the period from September to December 2013. The data shows what many other studies have been revealing as of late: that mobile commerce is indeed on the rise. Mobile payments accounted for 19.5 percent of all transactions worldwide in December, up from 12.6 percent last December. This was a growth of 55 percent year-over-year. The index looked at the volume and value of mobile payments in five industries: travel, digital goods, gaming, retail, and ticketing. In particular, Ayden determined the retail industry’s mobile transaction volume has risen by 23 percent.
The index also shows that, in general, retail industry consumers choose tablet devices over smartphones and even PCs in certain cases to make larger purchases. For retail, tablet transaction volume stood at 16 percent, compared to smartphones, which had a transaction volume of only 7 percent. Ayden interprets these results as an indication that the retail industry, compared to the other vertical industries, has done the best job of improving the tablet user experience.
Ayden also found that Apple devices were the most popular platform for mobile payments through the months of September to December. During those four months, 41 percent of mobile transactions occurred on iPads and roughly 32 percent of transactions went through the iPhone. However, Android has continued to rise in popularity. In the month of December, Android devices captured a 38.6 percent share of mobile transactions, compared to the iPhone’s 60 percent share. Indeed, iPhone mobile transactions have steadily begun to decrease since April 2013, going from 68.5 percent in April to 62.5 percent in August, ending at 60 percent in December. On the other hand, Android has steadily been achieving a larger share of mobile transactions since April 2013 when it only accounted for 30.7 percent."

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