Tuesday, 18 February 2014

5.5 million Line users in Thailand participated in flash sales through the app in 2013

"In Thailand, the messaging app Line has shown the way in mobile commerce. It has run a series of Line Flash Sale events online, including the sale of Maybelline lipstick, Line’s own branded merchandises, and even a food chain store’s discount coupons. They’re interesting examples of social-driven m-commerce
Of the 22 million Line users in Thailand, 5.5 million users opted in to participate in the flash sales.
At its peak time, there were over 20,000 participating in a sale at the same time.
Orders were coming in every 20 seconds on average.
Close to 70 percent of buyers are female
Although most mobile views of the sales event came from Samsung users (46 percent), the majority of purchases – 70 percent – came from Apple devices."

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