Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Chinese mobile internet users access the internet on their phones for over 2 hours a day

"According to a recent report from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China had 330 mln smartphone-based mobile internet users as of the end of February 2013, up by 140 mln from December 2011, accounting for 79% of China's mobile internet users. The number of mobile internet users rose by 18.1% YoY to total 420 mln users as of the end of December 2012, representing 74.5% of overall internet users.
Among mobile handset users who had never used their phones to go online, 10.7% said that it was because their phones were incapable of internet access, while 52.8% said it was because they simply didn't know how.
On average, the study found, Chinese mobile internet users spend 124 minutes per day using their phones for mobile internet access. 22% of users fall into the "heavy user" category, with four or more hours per day of mobile internet use. Smartphone users spend an average of 131 minutes per day using mobile internet services, compared with 103 minutes for non-smartphone users.
84.6% of mobile internet users said they had not paid for any mobile internet products in the past six months. Willingness to pay was even lower among smartphone users, with a paltry 14.7% of mobile internet users saying they had paid for mobile apps or content. Among these, 63.7% had paid for mobile games, and 30.3% had paid for mobile novels."

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