Monday, 11 February 2013

66% of internet users buy products online

"In the latest GWI report, we’ve stepped back from social media to analyse the vast amount of research data that we have on e-Commerce behaviour across our 31 markets.  Digging into the data revealed some very interesting finds. The foremost of these is that 90% of internet users around the world use the internet at some point in their purchase journey.  In addition, 66% of global internet users are buying products online in some form or another.
Other key finds include:
China is the largest and most active online retail market in the world. As the Social Engagement Benchmark (SEB) highlighted, social also plays a key role in Chinese e-commerce.
South Korea, UK, China, Germany and Japan make up the top 5 online markets for purchasing online via a PC.
On a global basis, there is a clear positive correlation between more affluent demographic groups and higher levels of online purchase behaviour. This is consistent across PC buying, mobile and post-purchase influence."

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