Tuesday, 12 February 2013

40% of London taxi drivers use the Hailo app

"The app is now used by 9,000 London taxi drivers - about 40 per cent of all cabbies in the capital. Once the drivers' app was in place, connecting them to fares was easy. A (free) consumer app uses the passenger's location to alert the nearest driver. Once the fare is accepted, the passenger can see in real time where the cab is, when it will arrive and the driver's mobile number. Thanks to the high take-up among drivers, cabs in central London are often close by.

Every ten seconds a Hailo hail is accepted somewhere around the world
Nine thousand black-cab drivers in London are registered with Hailo
Twenty thousand drivers are registered worldwide
Three thousand pounds: Hailo's biggest fare, to transport a dog to Spain"

Note - I'm assuming that this is 40% of all Black Cab drivers, the only ones licenced to pick up on the street

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