Friday, 24 August 2012

Average dwell time from visitors on mobile devices is 2 minutes longer if the site is optimised for mobile

"The study proved how a significant percentage of the top 100 brands such as Tesco, B&Q and Boots are starting to sit up and listen, with nearly 40% now having a mobile-optimised website. Google’s, ‘thinkmobile’ research released in 2011 revealed that 79% of long tail brands did not have a mobile-optimised site- indicating an uptake in mobile optimisation and proving the speed at which mobile is being adopted amongst brands in the UK.
Using the GSMA MMM data, the study showed that the advertisers with a mobile-optimised website enjoyed increased engagement with consumers. Amongst the advertisers that had a mobile-specific site, average dwell time was 5 minutes, 2 minutes longer than the average for advertisers without a mobile web presence. Furthermore, consumers who visit an advertiser site that is mobile-optimised looked at on average 19 pages per person - 33% more than if the site was not optimised (12 pages)."

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