Friday, 29 June 2012

People who click on ads are 3 times more likely to buy than non-clickers

"Criteo reviewed $11.5B of e-commerce sales from sites with which it partners which provider personalized display ads. It looked at internet browsers exposed to a Criteo retargeting ad during the first seven days of March 2012, numbering 147 million unique browsers. The company split this population into two – those who had clicked on a Criteo banner in the previous six months, and those who had not.
Among the “realities” Criteo claims to have discovered:
Clickers buy 3X more frequently than non-clickers. “Demographics are taken by comScore as a proxy for user value…[we] measure user value directly, in terms of online purchases of clickers and non-clickers,” wrote Criteo.
Almost half of regular buyers click on Criteo ads alone. Non-buyers clicked through at a rate of 15%, while occasional buyers clicked through at 33%and regular buyers at 43%. So, regular buyers are regular clickers.
20% of browsers are responsible for 50% of clicks and sales. This dispels comScore’s 10% finding.
The more browsers click, the more they buy."
Source:  Report by ad network Criteo, reported by MarketingVox, 27th June 2012
Full report here

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