Wednesday, 6 June 2012

51% of European internet users say that helps them choose better products and services

"The internet has become an essential way for brands to communicate and engage with consumers:
51% say the internet helps them choose better products/services
47% are inclined to find out more about products they see advertised online
46% of internet users say they often visit the website of their favourite brands
41% of European internet users agree that the way a brand communicates online is important
30% of internet users are more likely to buy a product of a brand they follow on a social networking site.
96% of European internet users research online for purchases, 87% shop online and almost one fifth (19%) of all their shopping is done via the internet. In a six month period Europeans spent €188 billion buying goods and services online – an average of €544 per European online shopper. Norwegian internet shoppers averaged the highest spend online (€1,162) followed by Swiss (€919) and Danish (€894) online shoppers. UK internet users devote the greatest share of total shopping spend to online (32.0%) followed by German (25.4%)."

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