Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Designer Rebecca Minkoff doubled her sales after using Instagram

"Rebecca Minkoff first started using Instagram when designer Ms. Minkoff shared “shoe of the day” images that showed her outfit from her legs down.
The amount of “likes” and comments that the images receive can go into the thousands, per Mr. Minkoff.
Using Instagram allows Rebecca Minkoff to use the reciprocated data in two ways.
The first is for design feedback. Since most of the interaction on Instagram comes within the first few hours, the design team is able to get instantaneous feedback on products.
The second reason is to drive sales. The Rebecca Minkoff brand is able to interact with the comments that it sees on images and steer consumers towards retail partners or brand hubs.
As a result, Rebecca Minkoff shoe spring sales were the strongest that they ever were – up 100 percent. In addition, sales are projected to be up 200 percent this year, per Mr. Minkoff."

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