Friday, 22 June 2012

53% of smartphone users are buying with their phones

"The study found that over 71 per cent of smartphone users across all four countries (YK, France, Germany & Sweden) are researching potential purchases via mobile, and more than half (53 per cent) are buying goods and services other than downloads on their device.
Survey results for tablet owners demonstrate the immense power of this new platform, with 40 per cent of users researching a potential purchase and 33 per cent going on to complete a transaction.  Tablet users are also among the highest mobile spenders, with the average highest amount spent quoted at £185 compared to £113 on mobile.
The ‘portability’ of mobile devices encourages anytime, anywhere research and purchasing. Even when smartphone users are in-store, retailers cannot rest easy: with 42 per cent of users comparing prices and 13 per cent switching stores after spotting a more attractive offer elsewhere. Location-based offers or vouchers, however, help to secure the interest of a fifth of potential buyers. Overall, one in four mobile research sessions ends with a purchase being completed on the phone itself.
The research reveals that the lack of mobile-optimised sites – ones that are clear, tailored, quick and easy to navigate - is a headache for more than a third of European consumers.  A quarter (26 per cent) of respondents said they would buy via mobile more frequently if websites were optimised.
The study shows that the UK has frequent but generally more frustrated mobile shoppers (50 per cent, compared with a European ‘frustration’ average of 33 per cent), while many users in France (38 per cent) believe mobile shopping saves them time. German consumers feel that buying over mobile is no different to purchasing via a computer (44 per cent) and Swedes are most likely to turn to their mobile phone in-store.  These national differences have far-reaching implications for advertisers looking to develop internationally optimised mobile offerings and affiliate programmes."
Methodology:  "The research, commissioned by Tradedoubler and carried out by Forrester Consulting, involved more than 2,000 smartphone users in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden."

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Mobiltelefoner said...

Hello, this percentage might have gone up today. The power of mobile phones (mobiltelefoner) and tablets (surfplattor) for shopping is very evident these days. Being a Swedish, I'm well aware of it. Thanks Dan!