Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Portrait of an American Tablet User

"Key findings from “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User” include:
Today’s tablet users represent 12% of the US internet population ages 8 - 64; that number is projected to grow to 23% by early 2012—a group that represents an estimated 54 million people
87% of tablet users are accessing content and information, the dominant activity for this device
93% of tablet users have downloaded apps; the average tablet user has downloaded 20 apps
79% of app downloaders have paid for apps in the last 12 months; 26% of all apps downloaded are paid
On average, those who have downloaded apps on tablets have spent $53 on apps in the past 12 months
In addition to iTunes, Amazon and Google, 29% of tablet users would prefer to buy apps from their cable company or internet provider and 25% would prefer to buy their apps directly from publishers"
Source:  Press release from the OPA, 22nd June 2011
Methodology - "The OPA collaborated with Frank N. Magid Associates., Inc. to conduct this study. Magid fielded a nationally representative online survey of 2,482 people, ages 8 to 64 years old, to evaluate the attitudes and behaviors of tablet owners and users between April 15 and April 20, 2011. The study found that 12% of today’s US online population (ages 8 to 64) currently owns or uses a tablet device and an incremental 11% intend to purchase a tablet device in the next 12 months."

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