Friday, 10 June 2011

1 in 5 luxury brands on Facebook don't allow fans to post on their wall

"Facebook recently announced that, as of August this year, all brand Pages will be forced to allow fans to post on their Walls. Several brands, particularly those in the heavily-regulated pharmaceutical industry, prefer not to allow their fans to engage in this manner.
L2's recent study of 100 luxury brands, the "Prestige 100", across auto, beauty, fashion, jewelry, and spirits and Champagnes found that Facebook's decision will be good for brand engagement.
However, the study findings reveal that one in five of the 100 luxury brands, many of which are world leaders, do not allow fans to post on their Facebook Walls, suggesting the industry continues to treat the social network as a one-way communication channel."
Source:  Research by L2, reported by Biz Report, 7th June 2011

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