Thursday, 10 February 2011

Orkut has 52m members

"Over 52 million active users worldwide
Over 34 billion pageviews each month
Average user visits the site 26 times each month, spending over 8 minutes per visit
Source: comScore Media Metrics, 2010, as reported by Orkut
Also:  site demographics - 51% of the membership is from Brazil, 20% from India, 18% from the US.
"Photos and scraps continue to be strong features, and over the last month, we’ve hit a few records. On Christmas Eve, users shared 93 milion scraps, an all-time high, and on January 3rd after New Years, users viewed 1.6 billion photos, which is almost 19,000 photo views a second. For context, YouTube crossed the 1 billion video view mark in October 2009, and crossed the 2 billion mark in May of last year."
Source:  Orkut blog, 26th January 2011 (on the occasion of their 7th birthday)

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