Tuesday, 15 February 2011

iPhone apps produce a higher average return per user than Android apps

"Mobile ad exchange Mobclix measured the monthly ad revenue generated by iPhone and Android apps across the utilities, entertainment and games categories. It found that iPhone apps overall produced a higher average revenue per user than Android apps.
In the utilities segment, the iPhone produced an ARPU of $9.50 compared to $7.20 for Android. In entertainment, the difference in favor of iPhone apps was $6.70 to $4.90, and $4 to $1.90 in games. In terms of the methodology, Mobclix analyzed free apps with more than 500,000 downloads and/or 75,000 daily active users.
The apps included also spent an average of two weeks in their categories "Top 10" listing. The company examined popular titles, but did not necessarily compare the same apps on both platforms. Active users were defined as those using apps three times a week for a minimum of five minutes. Subscription revenue was not included in the study."
Source:  Mobclix data, reported by MediaPost, 14th February 2011

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