Thursday, 16 December 2010

8.1m people in the UK have downloaded a podcast

"The latest research commissioned by radio audience measurement body Rajar reveals that 8.1 million people in the UK – 16% of the adult population – have downloaded a podcast, with nearly half of them (44%) listening to such a service at least once a week.
The popularity of smartphones is also changing the way we listen to the radio: 6.6 million adults (13% of the population) have listened on their mobile phone at least once, and 2.2 million downloaded a radio app, a 57% increase in less than six months. The last survey, in May, put the download figure at 1.4 million.
But it's not an entirely digital experience – more than half of people listening to the radio on their mobile did so using a specific preset on analogue FM, compared with 16% running an app for a specific station.
The research, carried out by Ipsos Mori last month, also suggested that 16.3 million people have listened to the radio via the internet, and 12.7 million have used a listen-again service such as the BBC's iPlayer."
Source:  The Guardian, 15th December 2010

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