Monday, 15 January 2018

Christmas Week 2017 was the BBC iPlayer's busiest ever week

"A Christmas treat of box-sets has helped BBC iPlayer achieve its best week on record. Viewers spent more time and streamed more programmes on BBC iPlayer than in any previous week.
Christmas week (Monday December 25th to Sunday December 31st) was BBC iPlayer’s best-ever week, both for requests (69.2 million) and for weekly hours (25.6 million). That was considerably up on December 25-31 last year, when there were 58.6 million requests and 22.5 million hours watched.
A host of box-sets and classic programmes made available for people to enjoy during the holidays – from Peaky Blinders and Line of Duty to family favourite animation Stick Man – contributed to BBC iPlayer’s record-breaking week. The extra content has so far been requested more than 29.4 million times – an average of 1.7 million times a day."

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