Friday, 5 January 2018

Amazon Echo owners in the US spend an estimated $1,700 a year with Amazon

"Amazon Echo owners are among the eCommerce giant’s most loyal customers — and the most frequent of its shoppers, according to Wednesday (Jan. 3) reports from CNBC.
That’s according to new research from equity securities research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, which noted owners of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers spend $1,700 on average each year on Amazon, higher than the $1,300 Amazon Prime customers spend annually. What’s more, the figure is 66 percent higher than the average spending rate of all Amazon customers around the globe.
“We’ve long thought that Amazon is keenly focused on building increasingly loyal and frequent shopping customers, and Echo seems to promote that goal,”  CIRP’s co-founder Josh Lowitz said in the report. “Based on the spending patterns of Echo owners, Amazon can certainly subsidize sales its Echo devices.”
Consumer Intelligence Research Partners polled 2,000 U.S. Amazon customers during a 12-month period that ended in September. The researchers found the huge spending on the part of Echo customers is one of the reasons Amazon has been slashing prices on Echo devices, and is also why the eCommerce giant is rolling out different Echo devices — including one with a screen."
Source:  PYMTS, 4th January 2018

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