Wednesday, 27 July 2016

More than half US TV viewers 'binge watch'

"According to just-released GfK MRI research, binge viewing is more than mainstream; it is prevalent, with almost 6 in 10 (57 per cent) TV viewers saying they have regularly watched three or more episodes of the same show in one sitting – whether that be via streaming, DVR, VoD or TV marathons.
Regular binge viewing includes
•    14 per cent “usually – binge all or most of the time”
•    18 per cent “frequently – binge more than half the time”
•    25 per cent “sometimes – binge about half the time”
Asked to think up a new term for their behaviour, regular bingers playfully gravitate to the term extreme viewing – and overall, 73 per cent of regular bingers report having a positive view of their binge viewing habits. Two out of three (77 per cent) say it is “so fun to binge watch, I have a hard time stopping,” and roughly half (48 per cent) feel that binge viewing keeps them “up to date/in the know.”"
Source:  Data from GfK MRI, reported by Advanced Television, 21st July 2016

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