Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mid-tier bloggers 'can charge up to $2,500 for a blog post'

"According to multiple sources, mid-tier bloggers can charge up to $2,500 for one blog post, plus corresponding social media conversation. The average fee, however, probably ranges closer to between $400 and $1000, depending on the breadth, scope and content. Even those with just 10,000 followers can find ways to monetize. “We try not to let bloggers take less than $200 per post, even if they’re small,” said Nazarudin, whose BloggerBabes network helps broker deals between brands and bloggers. Two hundred dollars might not sound like a lot, but if a blogger is publishing two to three sponsored posts a week, as many are, even on the low-end of the spectrum, it can quickly add up. And certainly, there is no shortage of opportunities for motivated bloggers to partner with brands."
Source:  Racked, 23rd May 2016
Note - 'Mid-tier' is defined elsewhere in the article as
"a social following of 50,000 and your content is great and your readership is loyal"

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