Monday, 9 May 2016

70% of Hulu viewing is on connected TVs

"Hulu's subscriber base has grown more than 30 percent from last year, and will reach 12 million U.S. subscribers by this month. "Hulu is TV, and the fact that 70 percent of our viewing happens in a living room environment just reinforces that idea to the market," said Peter Naylor, svp of advertising sales with Hulu.
Seventy percent of Hulu's viewing now occurs on connected TVs. Just eight years ago, 100 percent of Hulu's content was viewed on desktop. That number is now at 15 percent and dropping. "Mobile-tablet is growing, but living room is growing the fastest. And that's taking share from the other two," said Naylor. "That's why all these innovations are happening in the living room, because that's where the viewing is. The easier I make it for people to buy in this space, it drives my business forward."!

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