Monday, 14 March 2016

68% of American smartphone owners stream music every day

"Parks Associates has released new data which shows that 68% of US-based smartphone owners listen to music via streaming outlets on a daily basis, a stunning stat that further reaffirms the mobility of music fans today.
Within this group, Parks also found users listening to streaming music approximately 45 minutes per day, on average.  The finding underscored the strong preference for mobile-based streaming consumption, with two-thirds of US smartphone users listening to music via a streaming service of some sort.
Desktop is starting to look like a totally different terrain.  Indeed, the rankings change drastically when you compare the popularity of music subscription services between fixed-line broadband and mobile broadband.  According to Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research of Parks Associates, “Amazon Prime Music is the most popular paid music subscription service among U.S. broadband households, thanks to its inclusion in Amazon Prime,” a service that is way down the smartphone list."

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