Friday, 3 July 2015

Netflix is now 28% of US TV viewing time

"This past year has seen OTT ‘broadcaster’ Netflix grow its viewing 87 per cent in the US, and in the process take itself to the third-biggest broadcaster in the country according to ad-company blog Alphonso. For the established broadcasters in the US, there’s worse to come: Alphonso says that next year could see Netflix occupy the Number 1 spot in terms of hours viewed.
The ad-blog also says that US linear TV viewing is down 15 per cent y-o-y, which Alphonso says is the fastest one-year decline ever in broadcast or pay-TV.
In actual numbers Alphonso quotes Netflix as having 15 per cent of all US viewing in 2014, which grew to 28 per cent this year (year-over-year data), while live broadcast and ‘conventional’ pay-TV viewing tumbled from 52 per cent to 44 per cent of all viewing hours."

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