Monday, 20 July 2015

Approx 100,000 merchants offer farming equipment for sale on Taobao

"Millions of farmers are increasingly taking to the Internet to buy affordable goods for farming activities, according to Taobao. By removing middlemen, farmers can find more options and better deals through e-commerce, the company said.
Currently there are some 100,000 Taobao merchants offering farming products on the platform, and overall sales for the category has grown at an annual rate of 180 percent over the past three years.
Taobao said by launching the specialized “vertical” site, it aims to support the entire agriculture supply chain, by not only providing farmers with access to quality inputs and advanced farming technology, but also by helping them to sell farm produce through Internet."
FYI - no definition of what 'farming products' are, but I guess it's more than just spades & pruners...

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