Monday, 10 November 2014

'Monty The Penguin' had over 17m views online in the first weekend

YouTube - 10,536,535
Facebook - 5,783,415 (with 150,941 shares)
Twitter - Twitter doesn't show views in its player, but the video has had 32,000 shares, so if the share rate is the same as on Facebook you'd expect about 1.2m views (approx 1/5 of Facebook's figures)

Video was released at 8am on Thursday 6th November.  Numbers retrieved at 9.30am, Monday 10th November
Note 1 - Views and reach are not the same thing.  Lots of people will have watched more than once, or on more than one platform.  This does not mean that 17 million people have seen the video
Note 2 - John Lewis has been paying promote the video, at least on Facebook - see below, screengrabbed on Friday night - these video views are not necessarily 'organic'
Note 3 - However there will also be other copies uploaded, plus parodies and remixes, which aren't counted in these numbers.

Update - after 8 days - Fri 14th Nov
YouTube - 14,151,257
Facebook - 5,992,387 (with 154,438 shares)
Twitter - Still at about 32,000 shares

Update - 14th Nov - A colleague writes:
"The Facebook video stats are quite misleading as they count an autoplay video without sound as a view. On [our client] we’ve seen that the drop off rate for autoplay videos is high, you lose 50% - 70% of viewership after 5 seconds, as people continue to scroll down their feed. 

Facebook’s video views are really impressive, but marketers who move from YouTube to Facebook will be disappointed by the number of completed views with sound. "

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