Monday, 10 November 2014

China has over 40 million 4G subscribers

"Yesterday, China’s Ministry of Industry and Informatization Technology (MIIT) released a report saying that the country now has more than 43 million 4G subscribers. Although July’s numbers came from a different source – China’s State Council Information Office – MIIT’s report suggests that over the last few months, the country has gained nearly 30 million new 4G subscribers.
Given that 4G was first launched in China all the way back in December of 2013, this increased growth speed is good news. Subscriber numbers grew slowly between 4G’s launch in the winter and this past summer, thanks in part to the fact that the government issued a 4G operating license only for China Mobile’s TD-LTE network, and not for the competing FDD-LTE networks of China Mobile and China Unicom. Its intent was to bolster the domestically developed TD-LTE standard as the standard for 4G at home and abroad."

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