Thursday, 23 October 2014

Quinoa features in 540,000 posts on Instagram

"Increasingly our food choices are being influenced by social media, with millions now using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share food photos, blog posts and recipes (quinoa features in 540,000 posts on Instagram alone), and food trends can spread instantly.
‘Because of social media, people are very aware of what’s in products,’ says Gordon McDermott, Course Manager at The Waitrose Cookery School, ‘and they’re learning more about ingredients.’
Waitrose is part of this online food revolution. In 2014, Twitter followers of @Waitrose have risen by three-quarters, while our Facebook ‘likes’ have increased by over 50%. We attracted thousands of Instagram followers within weeks of joining in the summer.
In July, for the first time, the number of customers getting in touch with us through social media overtook the number sending emails for the first time.
The most popular Waitrose-related topics on Twitter and Facebook include Heston, gluten-free, cheese, Mother’s Day and coffee."

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