Monday, 6 October 2014

Facebook use in Africa

"The Meteoric Growth of Social Media: Over five years Facebook has grown from practically no users in Sub-Saharan Africa to become the most widely used social media platform. In the four countries where face-to-face surveys were carried out for this research, between 14% (Tanzania) and 27% (Ghana) of all respondents were using it, a significant number on basic phones using SMS. Facebook is the dominant platform although there are interesting local variations. All forms of social media serve as a source of news and information alongside more traditional media. People “like” news media  (newspapers, radio and TV stations) on Facebook to get information and receive similar “news” or “research” alerts from friends and colleagues."
Source:  Data from Balancing Act, reported by them on 19th September 2014
Note - Much more data in the full article
The Sub Saharan Media Landscape
Feature Phone User Survey
Face to Face Survey - Full Results
Qualitative Research

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