Thursday 7 November 2013

Michael Kors' first ad on Instagram generated 33,000 new followers

"The post generated 33,000 new followers for Michael Kors
That’s 16 times the average number for the brand’s past 5 non-promoted posts, which were all featured on Insatgram’s popular pagemichaelkors-ad-followers-gained
The ad generated 370% more likes and was likely seen by 6.7MM People
The post generated more than 218,000 likes within 18 hours, 370% more likes than the average of their last five posts.
According to Nitrogram. judging by this time decay in likes  and reach as compared to their five previous posts it was likely the ad was shown only once in the user’s feed, unlike on other networks where promoted posts stay longer in the feed."
Note - Clearly this level is a 'first ad' effect and unlikely to be repeated, but it shows the potential power of showing pics to people who aren't already your followers.

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