Monday, 21 October 2013

Six companies worth over $100bn whose revenues grew more than 15% in the past year

"Here is the list, drawn from S&P Capital IQ data, of companies with enterprise values over $100bn and revenues that grew faster than 15 per cent over the past year (without significant help from acquisitions): Google, Facebook, Qualcomm, Amazon, Samsung Electronics and (surprisingly) Honda. For Facebook and Amazon one pays a multiple of earnings that would give a mountain goat vertigo. Samsung’s growth is slowing quickly and, like Qualcomm, it is right in the middle of the viciously competitive mobile device market, where (as Apple investors have discovered) growth can be fleeting. Honda is an interesting stock but is getting help from a weak yen and its growth is flattered by easy comparisons. Google, as a company, has strong organic growth and high barriers to entry. "

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