Monday, 20 May 2013

Google processes 100 billion searches a month

"Supposedly, there is nothing new under the sun.
But there are nearly 500 million new things per day being asked of Google that the search engine has never seen before.
"Every single day 15 percent of the questions people ask of Google are questions we've never seen before," John Wiley, lead designer for Google Search told Bloomberg TV's Jon Erlichman.
Part of the reason is that the Internet is growing so fast, it's hard even for Google to get its arms around it:
Google says it has found 30 trillion "unique addresses" on the Web, meaning websites, web apps and other stuff connected to the Internet.
Every day, Google crawls 20 billion websites per day.
Google processes 100 billion searches each month.
At 100 billion searches for month, that's just over 3.3 billion per day, which means more than 495 million per day are for things Google has never seen before."
Source:  Business Insider, 13th May 2013
Note - it's not clear whether this includes YouTube, but I suspect not
Note - Still saying 10 billion in June 2014

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