Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ads for the iPad attract the highest mobile CPMs

"The evidence continues to stack up that Apple's iPad is an important marketing tool, with a new report from Opera Software showing that it generates more revenue per impression than other mobile devices.
Opera’s first State of Mobile Advertising report reveals that the average effective cost per thousand impressions on the iPad is $3.96 across the Opera mobile ad platform. Demand for tablet ad executions is already up 140 percent from 2011 and Opera expects them to become an even more important part of marketers’ strategies in the coming months.
“Our report shows that iPhone and iPad drive the best engagement, but Android phones are not far behind," Mahi de Silva, executive vice president of consumer mobile at Opera Software, San Mateo, CA.
“Bigger screen, great user interface make the iPad easy to interact with ads; gesture based controls appear to drive much better consumer engagement than mouse clicks,” he said. “Pagination of content and full-page interstitials in iPad apps and iPad optimized web sites - make for a more natural experience with advertising when compared to flash-based banners and side-scrapers."

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