Thursday, 3 May 2012

Young fathers in America spend more on media than young mothers

"Young Dads …
Spend more money than Mom. Young fathers spend $400 a month on media, $100 more than young moms
Have cleaned up their act. 70% say the type of media they consume is more family-friendly
Give advice. 54% share advice with their friends and family about CPG products. 81% share advice about tech products
73% of young dads use social networking sites to communicate with others over the course of a typical week; 94% (of these social networking users) use Facebook for this purpose. 40% of young dads rely on internet voice/video calling to communicate, with the most popular being Skype (72% of voice/video calling users).
Are still gaming. But 79% use their console for streaming movies and other family-friendly content
Are brand loyal. 50% consider themselves loyal to a particular brand within the auto and tech categories
Use search. Online search and word-of-mouth influence decisions in the tech, telco, auto, CPG and financial categories
Pre-Family Men …
Spend $350 a month on media, $60 more than pre-family women
Give advice. 72% give advice to their friends and family about tech products
Are influenced by media. 66% are influenced by TV advertising, while 50% are influenced by online advertising and 44% are influenced by online search results
Spend the most time online researching autos . 44% of them are loyal auto and tech enthusiasts
Spend 10+ hours a day multitasking between their PC, smartphone, tablet and gaming console
Love gaming. 75% spend more than 7 hours a month gaming or using their console to download movies and other content"
Source:  Research by Microsoft, reported in a blog post, 24th April 2012

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