Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Apple sold 67m iPads in 2 years

"And so our view is that the tablet market is huge. And we've said that since day one. We didn't wait until we had a lot of results. We were using them here, and it was already clear to us that there was so much you could do and that the reasons that people would use those would be so broad. And that's precisely what we've seen. We -- the iPad has taken off not only in consumer in a meaningful way but in education and in enterprise, and it's sort of everywhere you look now. And the applications are so easy to make very meaningful for someone, and there -- the -- there's such an abundance of those that -- and as the ecosystem gets better and better and as we continue to double down on making great products, I think that the limit here is nowhere in sight. We've now -- through the last quarter, I should say, which is just 2 years after we shipped the initial iPad, we’ve sold 67 million. And to put that in some context, it took us 24 years to sell that many Macs and 5 years for that many iPods and over 3 years for that many iPhones. And we were extremely happy with the trajectory on all of those products. And so I think iPad, it's a profound product. It -- the breadth of it is incredible, and the appeal of it is universal. And so I am -- I could not be happier with being in the market, and the level at which we're innovating in both the product and the ecosystem here is incredible."

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