Wednesday, 23 May 2012

72% of UEFA Champions League viewers watch one their own

"The free StarPlayer game, by AKQA, allows fans watching football on TV to anticipate the scores and events as they happen on the pitch, such as free kicks and corners.
The interactive game can be played in real-time via iPhone, Facebook and iPod touch. At certain points throughout the game, users are asked a series of trivia questions to win points.
The game can be played on the Heineken Facebook page or downloaded from the App Store from today. Heineken plans to make it available across multiple platforms, including Android and tablet devices.
According to Heineken, 75% of TV viewers are "dual-screening" and 72% watch the UCL at home alone.
Heineken has sponsored the Uefa Champions League since 2005. The game will run until the end of its sponsorship, which is contracted until the 2012 season."
Source:  Research by Heineken, used when making their StarPlayer game, and reported by Marketing Magazine, 27th April 2011

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