Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Britain's top tourist attractions get 5 times as many checkins on Facebook as on Foursquare

"The data, which uses all the check-ins at UK attractions since November last year, found that check-ins on Facebook to the top 50 UK attractions totalled 955,437, while check-ins on Foursquare reached 176,724.
Betapond, the agency that developed the Love UK Top 50 Places app, said the data showed that Facebook was by far the check-in method of choice for the mainstream web audience.
The data is taken from a campaign VisitBritain launched in November last year to find the top UK attraction, based on location-based check-ins ( 8 November 2011). The aim for the tourist board was to add a competitive element, encouraging attractions to promote check-ins to its visitors. Over the period of the campaign the Love UK page has gained over 450,000 Likes and helped to accumulate over 1m check-ins at the top 50 UK attractions.
The top UK attraction is currently The O2 stadium with 72,817 Facebook check-ins and 7764 check-ins on Foursquare."

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